These pictures are collected between 2-year to 3-year old
My Second Birthday

My Doll

Counting fingers

at Boys and Girls Club

Boston Aquarium

Good Harbor Beach-1 (with Daddy)

Good Harbor Beach-2 (Self Play)

Good Harbor Beach-3 (With Grandma)

Good Harbor Beach-4 (With Audrey)

Cape Cod

Swimming (Biogen Summer Outing 1)

Mini-golfer (Biogen Summer Outing 2)

Bubble blowing (Biogen Summer Outing 3)


Pony Ride

Fish Tank

Watching TV

Little Star

Chinese New Year

at Audrey's B-Party

San Francisco-at Mariot Hotel

San Francisco-at Bay Aquarium

San Francisco-at Japanese Tea Garden

San Francisco-at Botanical Garden

San Francisco-at City Hall

San Francisco-at Lombard Street

San Francisco-at friend's home

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