These pictures are collected from five to six-year-old
With Daphne

Monkey Bars

Wooden Castle

Fun in Orlando (1)
-- Fountain

Fun in Orlando (2)
-- swimmimg

Fun in Orlando (3)
-- WIth Pooh

Fun in Orlando (4)
-- WIth Mickey & Eeyore

Fun in Orlando (5)
-- Web Climbing

Fun in Orlando (6)
-- Dolphin Watch

Fun in Orlando (7)
-- Seaworld play

Fun in Orlando (8)
-- Magic Kingdom

Fun in Orlando (9)
-- With Mermaid

Spy Pond Lake

Spy Pond Park


Petting Goats

Pony Ride

at CC's party

My Class

Graduation Day
-- diploma

Graduation Day
-- friends

Graduation Day
-- teachers

With Gege
-- Qi Longwu's daughter

Kiting at Rhode Island

Eating Lobster

Vertex Summer Outing

Gift Booklet from Teachers

at White Mountains

Lost River

Story Land

First School Day

My Class Photo

Boston Common


2002 Xmas Party

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